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Posted on Monday, July 28 @ 19:29:40 (0 reads)

In order to avoid unauthorized parking in Seaside Village on the final days of the US Open, a Patrol Masters Officer will be posted at both the front and rear gates very much like what was done on July 4th. The officer will call your unit from the phone marquee letting you know your guest has arrived. Please answer your phone when the officer calls to buzz your guests in. If you are not home or unable to answer the phone when the officer calls, your guests will have to wait outside the community until you get home. Press 9 on your phone touchpad to open the front gate for your guests. The rear gate officer will be at the gate to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering the community. The officer at the rear gate is not able to open the gates. Only residents with gate “clickers” can enter the community via the rear gate.

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Posted on Monday, July 28 @ 19:29:11 (0 reads)

On Thursday 7/24 fourteen women met in our clubhouse and established a weekly Seaside Village Adult Game Night Group!! The Seaside Village Game Night will be held every Wednesday beginning at 6:30pm in our Clubhouse except for the 4th Wednesday of the month which is our monthly Board Meeting night. All adult residents who would like to participate in what sounds like a fun filled evening are welcome to attend.

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Posted on Monday, July 28 @ 19:28:47 (0 reads)

Please be on the alert for Coyotes in the community!! A few of them have been spotted. We lost at least one cat and possibly a number of ducks. Most disconcerting is having observed a Coyote sizing up two small dogs on a patio before the owner chased the Coyote off. Please keep your pets inside your home and do not leave children unattended. If you see a coyote please do your best to scare it off. Do not approach a coyote. Keep a safe distance from them while you make loud threatening sounds to scare them.

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